Custom Printed Post-it® Notes

Remind, Remember, Reinforce

Post-it® Notes are so effective and easy to use; everyone wants to get their hands on them! Offer your clients a Custom Printed Post-it® Note today and your message is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!
  • Hugely Popular
    Known everywhere and universally used – in the office, at home and on the move.
  • Extremely Effective
    Every day, millions of Post-it® Notes pass from person to person whilst communicating their messages far and wide.
  • A memorable medium
    Delivers advertising impact from the first sheet to the last.
  • Short lead-times
    Popular products are easy to order and available within days.

Personalized Post-it® Notes

Your Brand and your customer’s name on every note!

Create impact: personalized print offers your customers a unique solution!
  • Hit the mark
    Your Brand with your customer’s name combined, will reach even larger audience.
  • Variety
    Great for promoting multiple services, products, brands, mission statements, daily reminders etc..
  • Personalize
    Print a different customer name and address on each pad.

Post-it® Note Cubes

A new dimension for your messages

Looking for a 3 dimensional communication tool? Try a customized Post-it® Note Cube and your message will remain on the client’s desk for many months!
  • Long lasting
    Post-it® Note Cubes keep your message in front of your customer for a long time.
  • High visibility
    Post-it® Note Cubes stand out on the desktop.
  • Multiple designs
    Promote multiple products, services or locations by printing a different design on each side.
  • Individual message
    Each Post-it® Note sheet can be printed for additional promotional impact.

Post-it® Notes Multi-Color Packs

Add impact to your message with multiple paper colors

Your Brand and Logo will surely standout on multi-color sheets!
  • Mix and Match
    Choose 3 to 5 pastel or neon/ultra paper colors.
  • Stand Unique
    Get attracted with vivid, cool, eye-catching colored notes.
  • Multiple designs
    Promote multiple products, services or locations by printing a different design with colors on each side.

Post-it® Note Shapes

Pads with personality

Why not try a Post-it® Note Shape, fashioned into your company logo or product for a long lasting communication.
  • High recognition
    Post-it® Notes shaped as your company logo or product make it memorable.
  • Reinforce your message
    With an attractively shaped Post-it® Note pad your message becomes even more eye-catching.
  • Different Shapes
    Choose the shape of your Post-it® Note pads to highlight a product or campaign theme.
  • Customized Shapes
    Customized shapes for your company logo available for minimum orders.