Post-it® Note Book Type

Get your brand on the front cover

Not only does a card cover give you a more qualitative aspect to your advertising, but it also increases your advertising surface and acts  as a protective cover.
  • Mobile protection
    If your target audience is often on the move, they will appreciate a protective cover for their Post-it® Notes.
  • Carry more information
    Post-it® Note covers offer you extra space for important text, descriptions or graphics.
  • Quality Gifts
    Post-it® Note covered pads cut into the shape of your logo or products get noticed, and make an excellent gift.
  • Give-away!
    Personalized Card Covers enable you to offer a bespoke gift to each of your clients by exclusively printing each one with their name. Increase the value of your campaign with one to one marketing.

Post-it® Notes with Stand-up Covers

Standup and get noticed!

Looking for an original and innovative solution to offer to your customer? With Post-it® Note Stand-up Covers you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!
  • Stand up and stand out
    On its own slanted stand, your advertising gift is never out of view.
  • Different from the rest
    Custom shapes are attractive, add impact, and will get you noticed.
  • Shape your own advertisement
    As well as the four standard shapes of half-moon, circle, poster and rectangle, you can design your own.